It all started with a dream…

to raise our children with a love and respect for our world’s natural resources, to show them how beautiful our world is, and to teach them to care for it when they become adults.

Into the Woods was conceived, essentially, from a philosophy we share that nature is paramount in our lives and in the life of a healthy community. Moreover, we believe that every child has the right to grow up playing in the woods. Anchorage is fortunate to have stunning natural surroundings, with the woods and wild at our doorstep. We believe that children who grow up playing in Anchorage’s natural surroundings will become adults who champion its protection and health in the future. The crown jewel of Anchorage is its public green spaces and connection to the great wild beauty beyond city limits.

Nature is a gift that unfortunately many kids today don’t have the chance to appreciate, whether due to economic circumstance or family logistics. We want to become a resource in our community for everyone—adults and children—who want to get in the woods.

We take a keen interest in many things, which our background reflects. We love to travel the world, learn new languages, try new foods, and explore the natural spaces our world has to offer. Professionally we both have experience as first responders and educators. We are helpers. We want to see our community flourish, and have long desired to create a program for children and adults that would get them outside in nature. Finally, everything has come together at the perfect moment, and we get to make our dream a reality.


Into the Woods

Founders Kristina and Dan at Table Rock

Into the Woods is meant for everyone-while the original idea started with summer camps, we want to get everyone into the woods—to spread the love of outdoors to the whole community. Into the Woods is about helping everyone see the connection nature has to renewing our mind, body, and spirit.

Thanks for taking a look, and we hope to see you in the woods!

-Dan and Kristina


Kristina Kvernplassen

Co-Founder and Guide

When I go into the woods, my mind, body, and spirit come into balance and everything feels right.

Kristina grew up running, hiking, skiing, and camping in the mountains and forests of South Central Alaska, where she discovered the gift of nature and which she and Dan now endeavor to pass on to their boys. Kristina is trained as an emergency medical technician and has over 20 years experience backpacking, camping, and hiking in the back country of Alaska. Kristina has lived in Arkansas, Norway, Spain, and Taiwan, teaching English in Spain and Taiwan, and exploring the woods wherever she happens to be. Kristina loves learning new languages and meeting new people. During the school year, Kristina works as a Teacher Assistant for the Anchorage School District where she gets to help kids be their best every day.

Dan Dillehay

Co-Founder and Guide

Connection with nature as a child creates an unbreakable bond—even as adults we can return to the woods and bring back the magic of childhood.

Dan was born and raised in Great Falls, Virginia. He grew up playing in the woods behind his house-catching crawdads in the creek and whiling away the hours in the trees. He went to high school in New Hampshire, where he received a formative education in the outdoors. Dan is trained in Wilderness First Response and has over 20 years experience backpacking, camping, and hiking in the back country of Alaska, New Hampshire, and Utah. Dan has traveled to Portugal, Senegal, Gambia, France, and Taiwan, where he taught English. Dan is currently a substitute teacher for the Anchorage School District.